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Ken Dubin is an American visual artist recognized primarily for his abstract paintings on canvas and paper. His ongoing body of work, THE EMERGENCE / BURIAL / SERIES: 1979 - PRESENT, is informed by origin, growth, change, and it's return. "A cyclic narrative about things brought forth and things reclaimed" (Garrett Holg, New Art Examiner, 1989).

Born in Chicago, Dubin grew up in the near west suburbs. He received his M.F.A. in 1981 from the University of Illinois, Chicago and relocated to Iowa in 2009. Artist Residencies beginning in 1982 include The Virginia Center for The Creative Arts, Ragdale, OX-BOW, The Michael Karolyi Memorial Foundation, Grinnell Artist Residency, Prairie Center of the Arts and Paul Artspace.

Dubin's paintings have been included in Solo and Group exhibits throughout the United States and abroad including: the Rockford Art Museum in Illinois; the Chicago Cultural Center, Perimeter Gallery, Fassbinder Gallery, and Artemisia Gallery in Chicago; the Wustum Museum of Fine Arts in Racine, Wisconson; Perry-Nicole Gallery in Memphis; David Adamson Gallery in Washington DC; Shirley Fetterman Gallery and Triplex Gallery in NYC; Iowa Contemporary Art and the Dubuque Museum of Art in Iowa; the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts Camp Gallery and Muscarelle Museum of Art in Virginia, and the Deutsch-American Institute in Regensburg Germany. A traveling exhibit curated by Frederick Brandt of 20th Century Art at the Virginia Museum included the Bayly Art Museum, Maier Museum of Art and the Roanoke Museum of Fine Art.

My ongoing body of work, THE EMERGENCE / BURIAL / SERIES: 1979 - Present, is informed by origin, growth, change, transcendence, and rebirth. I explore the unfolding of time - past, present, future, and the cycles of life that exist within; the idea that everything comes from somewhere and is growing and changing into something else. White as the predominant color field is a metaphor for the potential of all possibility. The surface activity ranges from a quiet to erupting energy, suggesting degrees of growth, transformation, and potential of what is to come. There is much layering of the paint, which both releases and restricts the abstract activity to suggest the process of origin, growth, disintegration, and return to origin. Although the content is confined by the physical edges of the canvas I make the paintings appear to transcend this restriction, as if they have no beginning or end, to suggest the boundlessness of time and space. Although each piece is considered a finished work, the dynamic when seen together evokes a singular entity, ultimately about life and living.

2017     Ken Dubin: Project Art at UIHC, Gallery 2, Iowa City, Iowa
2017     Ken Dubin / Dennis Kowalski, Anomaly Gallery, Ottumwa, Iowa
2016     Fall Review 2016, Sculptureworks Ferguson, Missouri 
2016     74th Rockford Midwestern Biennial, Rockford Art Museum, Rockford, IL, Juror: Sarah Krepp
2015     Three Visions: Ken Dubin, Benjamin Gardner, Dennis Kowalski, Transient Gallery, Des Moines, Iowa
2015     Dust, Viaduct Gallery, Des Moines, Iowa, curator: Benjamin Gardner
2014     Whimsy: Play, Quirk and a Tongue-in-Cheek Aesthetic, ICON, Fairfield, Iowa, curator: Ken Dubin
2013     2013 Biennial Exhibition, Dubuque Museum of Art, Dubuque, Iowa, Juror: James Welu
2012     *Poetry in Response to Painting, Maharishi University of Management Library Foyer Gallery, Fairfield, Iowa    
2012     ICON / IOWA / VCCA, ICON Gallery, Fairfied, Iowa, curator: Ken Dubin
2012     Fish Nor Foul: Ken Dubin and Ty Smith, Times Club at Prairie Lights, Iowa City, IA, curator: Mary Laube
2011     *Ken Dubin: the Emergence / Burial/ ... Series, ICON Gallery, Fairfield, Iowa
2010     2010 Biennial Exhibition, Dubuque Museum of Art Dubuque, Iowa, Juror: Frank Paluch
2010     *The Emergence / Burial / … Series, Unity Gallery, Maharishi University of Management, Fairfield, Iowa
2009     3rd Annual Large Works Show, ICON Gallery, Fairfield, Iowa,
2008     2nd Annual Large Works Show, ICON Gallery, Fairfield, Iowa
2008     *The Emergence / Burial / … Series”, Teeple Hansen Gallery, Fairfield, Iowa
2008     19th Evanston+Vicinity Biennial, Evanston Arts Center, Evanston, Illinois
2004     Riverside Arts Center, Riverside, Illinois
2004     *Work From The Emergence / Burial / . . .Series, Ferguson Gallery, Concordia University, River Forest, Illinois
2003     12 x12, The Arts Center, Highland Park, Illinois
2003     60th Annual Salon Show, Northern Indiana Arts Association, Munster, Indiana, (cat.)
2001     Works on Paper, Riverside Arts Center, Riverside, IL
2001     O'Connor Art Gallery, Dominican University, River Forest, Illinois
2000     The Ragdale Experience, Gwenda Jay/Addington Gallery, Chicago, IL
2000     Peltz Gallery, Milwaukie, Wisconsin
2000     Perry Nicole Fine Art, Memphis, Tennessee
1999     30 times 15” x 15, Fassbender Gallery, Chicago, Illinois
1999     Return of the Men, Peltz Gallery, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
1998     Group Show, Perimeter Gallery, Chicago, Illinois
1997     Perimeter Gallery, Chicago, Illinois
1997     Peltz Gallery, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
1996     Peltz Gallery, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
1995     Eastwick Gallery, Chicago, Illinois
1994     51st Annual Salon Show, Bachman Gallery, South Shore Arts, Munster, Indiana, (cat)
1993     Shirley Fetterman Gallery, New York, New York, Selections from the BMCC Permanent Collection, curator: Linda Stein
1992     New Chicago Artists, Tough Gallery, Chicago, IL
1992     Triplex Gallery, New York, New York, Selections from the BMCC Permanent Collection, Curator: Linda Stein
1992     Open Spectrum, David Adler Cultural Center, Libertyville, Illinois, (cat.)
1991     Primary Visions: Ken Dubin, Richard Lange, Gyaeyoung Song, temporary Space, Chicago, Illinois
1990     Judith Racht Gallery, Harbert, Michigan
1989     *Ken Dubin: Paintings, Reicher Gallery, Barat College, Lake Forest, Illinois
1989     Judith Racht Gallery, Harbert, Michigan
1988     Deutsch-Amerikanisches Institutek, Regensburg, Germany  (cat.)                          
1988     Lynchburg Fine Arts Center, Lynchburg, Virginia
1988     Muscarelle Museum of Art, Williamsburg, Virginia, curator: Frank Gettings
1988     Van Straaten Gallery, Chicago, Illinois
1988     *Ken Dubin, Southport Gallery, Chicago, Illinois
1988     Topeka Does Chicago, Topeka Gallery, Chicago, IL
1987     11th Annual Illinois Print and Drawing Exhibition, Harper College, Palatine, IL, Juror: Keith Achepohl
1987     *Ken Dubin: Recent Paintings, Pavillion For The Arts, Chicago, Illinois
1987     Van Straaten Gallery, Chicago, Illinois
1987     Adamson Gallery, Washington, DC
1987     *Ken Dubin, Camp Gallery, Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, Sweet Briar, Virginia
1986     Suburban Fine Arts Center, Highland Park, Illinois
1986     Mt. San Angelo Artists, Virginia Beach Arts Center, Virginia Beach, Virginia, curator: Frederick Brandt
1986     Mt. San Angelo Artists, Maier Museum, Lynchburg, Virginia, curator: Frederick Brandt
1985     Mt. San Angelo Artists, Roanoke Museum of Fine Art, Roanoke, Virginia, curator: Frederick Brandt
1985     Mt. San Angelo Artists, Bayly Museum, Charlottesville, VA, curator: Frederick Brandt
1985     Moming Dance and Fine Arts Center, Chicago, llinois
1985     20th Anniversary Alumni Invitational: Fine Art Competition Winners, 1977-1984, Ward Gallery, U of I, Chicago
1983     Chicago Works on Paper-Abstracted, Chicago Cultural Center, Chicago, IL, Juror: Susan Senseman (cat.)
1983     Chicago Works on Paper-Abstracted, Wustum Museum of Fine Art, Racine, Wisconsin, Juror: Susan Senseman (cat.)
1983     Columbus Technical Institute, Columbus, Ohio
1983     Works:Paper, Ohio Foundation For The Arts
1982     Works: Paper, National Exhibition, Siegfried Gallery, U of Ohio, Athens, Ohio, jurors: William Olander, Kathryn Clark, (cat.)
1982     Ruth Volid Gallery, Chicago, Illinois
1981     Open Spectrum, David Adler Cultural Center, Libertyville, Illinois             
1981     *Ken Dubin, Montgomery Ward Gallery, University of Illinois, Chicago, Illinois
1980     Best Of The Midwest, Artist Guild of Chicago, Chicago, lllinois, Juror: Harry Bouras ( 2nd place award )                  
1981     The Landscape Show, NAB Gallery, Chicago, Illinois
1981     6/6, Artemesia Gallery, Chicago, lllinois
1979     6/6, West Hubbard Gallery, Chicago, Illinois
1979     *O'Connor Gallery, Dominican University, River Forest, Illinois       

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WHIMSY: Play, Quirk, and a Tongue-in-Cheek Aesthetic, ICON Gallery, Fairfield, Iowa, 2014
ICON/IOWA/VCCA: Virginia Center for the Creative Arts Fellows in Iowa, ICON Gallery, Fairfield, IA, 2013

Grinnell Artist Residency Fellowship, Grinnell, Iowa, 2011
Michael Karolyi Memorial Foundation Fellowship, Vence, France, 1985
Ox-Bow, Saugatuck, Michigan, 1985
Paul Artspace, St. Lewis, Missouri, 2016
Prairie Center of the Arts, Peoria, Illinois, 2012
Ragdale Foundation Fellowship, Lake Forest, Illinois, 1987,1998,1999, 2002, 2011
Virginia Center for the Creative Arts Fellowship,  Sweet Briar, Virginia, 1982,'85,'86,'87,'93,'97-'01,'03,'05,'11,'17

Borough of Manhattan Community College, New York, New York
De Paul University, Chicago, Illinois
Dominican University, River Forest, IL
Hallmark Greeting Cards, New York, New York
Harris Bank, Chicago, Illinois
The Kemper Group, Long Grove, Illinois
McDonald's Corporation, Oak Brook, Illinois
Moraine Valley Junior College, Palos Heights, Illinois
Ragdale Foundation, Lake Forest, Illinois
Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, Sweet Briar, Virginia